Hydraulic static pile driver has already been widely applied in the precast pile construction of building foundation, bridge foundation,airport foundation,roadbed of railroads and trackless roads,because it can drive piles with rapid speed,no noise pollution, no exhaust gas pollution and no mud pollution. Nowadays,many cities provide that it only allowed hydraulic static pile driver to implement the pile foundation construction in the downtown. Hydraulic static pile driver is in process of replacement others traditional piling mechanism.

   Since the beginning of 1990 year, the ZYB series hydraulic static pile driver with 9 patents was succeeded in production by the Hydraulic Machine and Control Technology Research Institute of CSU which supports Changhe with its technology. Today,ZYB series hydraulic static pile driver has developed into the 14th generation “N” model, which can meet with the request of piling force from 60 to 1500 ton, the pile diameter is range from 300-1000mm, the square pile is range from 150-1000mm .Corresponding, the single pile loading ability reaches to 30~750 ton and is in the lead of international technology.

   With the features of rigidity, durability and reliability, Changhe’s products are popluar in both national and oversea market. They have been exported to many religions and countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Myanmar, Vietnam, Russia,Bangladesh, South Africa, Macao etc.

Main Performance

1.It is the only pile-pressing driver in China which supporting cylinder is independent from supporting legs,consequently the supporting cylinder rod doesn’t need to endure horizontal force.

2.It is the only pile-pressing driver in China whichdriving forces are directly transferred to the clamping jaw instead of clamping cylinder,so the service life of its clamping cylinder is increased more than several times .

3.It is the only pile-pressing driver in China which uses big oil-sucking-up pipe for oil sucking up and oil cooling.

4.Counterweight beam is on the outer side of the supporting leg cylinder,compared with counterweight beam inside of the supporting leg cylinder, the place for counterweight increase 40% and the max force born by body reduce 20%.

5.Special hydraulic pipeline and cooling system makes pile-pressing driver can work normally in any temperature.

6.Compared with other hydraulic static pile-pressing driver in China,its rotary platform is about one meter longer,this can increase the steady of machine when the short-feet support the body.

7.Compared with others side piling mechanism, ZYB’s side piling system and body is a whole,this structure arises its strength and rigidity by 30%~50%

8.Compared with bifid ball head gland and connection by bolt and tapped hole in ball head base used in other hydraulic static pile-pressing driver in China,ZYB use integral ball head gland and connection by bolt and nut。Firstly,it can avoid ball head jump from the ball head gland;Secondly,it can avoid  the damage of ball head’s tapped hole in ball head base, it needs spend 300 times cost to replace ball head base.

9.The crane slewing bearing and  the up-and-down seats are connected by bolts and nuts, instead of by bolts and the threaded holes in the steel plate of the the up-and-down seats processed by thread tapper which used by other pile-pressing driver. The joint strength is increased more than 2 times and double nut can be used to prevent bolts loosen, which can completely eliminate safety accidents that the crane drops from the pile-pressing driver which uses the bolts and threaded holes to connect the crane and the up-and-down seats.


10.Crane hoisting over-wind security control and alarm system, ensure the hoisting cannot over wind, and eliminate completely serious equipment and personnel safety accidents occurred for hoisting over-wind.

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